Keep Your Trees Safe From Pests

Keep Your Trees Safe From Pests

Schedule bug control services right away

Without the proper treatment, your trees are susceptible to insect damage. Fortunately, T.J.'s Outdoor Services, Inc. offers tree insect control services. We can inject your trees and spray their bases with a proven-effective insecticide. This will protect your trees from a wide variety of harmful insects and keep them flourishing year-round.

Contact us today to get reliable tree bug control services. Our arborist will be happy to answer any questions.

Don't let bugs take a bite out of your trees

T.J.'s Outdoor Services, Inc. provides safe and effective tree bug control services. Our team has experience treating all types of trees. We can help protect your trees from the ravages of:

  • Caterpillars
  • Japanese beetles
  • Emerald ash borers
  • Bronze birch borers

Call 203-746-0026 now to arrange for tree insect control services. Our arborists can use our 72-foot bucket truck to treat the tallest of trees.